Who We Are

Meet our team

A group dedicated to improving health outcomes


Our people are what makes IHS special. Our collective academic background, professional experience, network of contacts, and passion for health and wellness. Each team member works with passion, commitment, and resiliency. We are invested and committed to the cause, both as an organization and personally for each employee. This is a passion for us!

The IHS team has broad expertise/experience in healthcare, nutrition, policy, agriculture, and fundraising. We understand the landscape (policy, players, models, and systems) to make healthy change.



Reba Meigs, MPA

Chief Executive Officer

Reba Meigs has nearly 20 years of public health experience at the state and county level, and in academic and non-profit settings. She has extensive strategic planning and implementation experience in federal and state funding models, evaluation frameworks, training and skill development methodologies, and community collaboration...

…Reba has designed, implemented, and evaluated large-scale community-based programs and has provided evidence-based capacity building guidance for health policies, legislative bills, systems, and environmental change initiatives throughout the state of California. During her career, Reba has worked for the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), the Public Health Institute, the Santa Clara and Marin County Public Health departments, and UC San Diego Pediatrics. In these roles, she provided trainings to local health departments, evaluation support for the CDPH Rethink Your Drink Campaign, and managed projects to improve organizational wellness policies, healthy retail initiatives, youth empowerment projects, and school wellness frameworks. Reba has presented at national and state conferences such as the California Association for Health, Physical Activity and Dance, and the American Public Health Association (APHA), and her evidence-based programs have been published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. Reba lives in Santa Rosa with her husband and two sons and enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, gardening, yoga, and spending time with her family. Reba attended San Diego State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree and a Master of Public Administration degree.


Norma Lisenko, MPH

Chief Financial Officer

Norma Lisenko is the founder of Healthy Cooking with Kids, Inc., a non-profit organization with the mission of promoting healthy living and the reduction of childhood obesity by developing action-oriented coalitions that provide innovative and comprehensive community programs. Healthy Cooking for Kids was formally rebranded as...

…Innovative Health Solutions in 2019. Norma has been a public health advocate for more than 15 years with specific expertise in funds development as well as program planning, development, and implementation. She is passionate about implementing environmental changes and improving policy and systems in the areas of children’s health, nutrition, and physical activity, and in working with underserved and vulnerable populations. Norma is a trusted resource in the communities she serves and excels in building and maintaining strong partnerships with government entities, healthcare providers, community groups, non-profits, and local businesses. Norma resides in Benicia with her husband and three daughters, and enjoys reading, exercising, traveling, eating healthy food, and spending time with her family and friends. Norma received her Master of Public Health from San Jose State University and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) from the University of South Florida.


Wendy Tobiason

Data Analyst

As a data analysis specialist, Wendy Tobiasson believes in the power of numbers, the stories they can tell, and how data can drive positive changes in public health and wellness. Wendy is personally and professionally committed to improving local food systems and infrastructures. Her entire career has focused on sustainable, climate-positive initiates and...

…she has spent many years designing, implementing, and evaluating energy efficiency programs across the US and around the globe. Wendy joined IHS after collaborating with the organization as part of the Marin Food Policy Council, and brings her expertise in data analysis, program planning, and collective impact to the IHS team. Wendy enjoys spending time outside with her family, often hiking the hills of Marin, riding bikes, or rowing in the San Francisco Bay. She is an avid baker and enjoys turning homegrown produce into delicious meals for her family. Wendy attended Lafayette College where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.


Amber Allen-Peirson

HealthRx Manager

Amber Allen-Peirson has a background in education and community healthcare as an educator, facilitator, school-based wellness outreach specialist, clinic manager, and clinic program manager for Marin City Health and Wellness Center.  Amber also has a background in... 

...non-profit development and social justice.  Her passion is the total wellness of individuals and communities. Amber is an Oakland native who now lives in Marin County.  She enjoys hiking, travel, and being with friends, family, and community. 


Gio Miramontes

Project Assistant

Gio is a health educator, fitness trainer, and nature lover. In her role at IHS, she helps develop tools and resources for the community, IHS partners, and other groups and organizations. Physical fitness is a passion for Gio, and she has dedicated much of her career to helping others improve their health and wellness. A certified strength and conditioning coach and...

…performance enhancement specialist, Gio manages Fall Prevention classes and other fitness training programs, and she has also worked as an elementary physical education teacher. As a first-generation Latina, Gio has first-hand experience of the equity challenges and issues facing many families in the community she serves, and she’s passionate about using her knowledge and experiences to make positive changes. When she’s not working, Gio enjoys yoga, weightlifting, exploring the beautiful hiking trails in Marin, and spending quality time with her family and close friends. Gio received a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education from Southern Oregon University, and a Master of Arts degree in Kinesiology from Saint Mary’s College of California.


Lea Vonk

Health Educator

Lea Vonk has nearly a decade of experience in education and more recently has honed in on holistic health. As an educator, facilitator, and consultant in public and private school settings between the Bay Area of California, La Paz, Bolivia, and the Caribbean coast of Colombia, they are a skilled bilingual professional with particular…

…passion for design thinking, justice – equity – diversity – inclusion (JEDI) work and asset-based community development. Lea is a recent graduate of the Healthcare Interpreting Program at City College of San Francisco and holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and African American Studies from Oberlin College. They live in San Francisco and enjoy plant-based cooking, dancing, travel, hiking, writing, as well as quality time with their friends and family.


Ria Castañeda

Health Educator

In her role of Health Educator at Innovative Health Solutions, Ria brings a passion for improving the quality of life for the people in her community. She utilizes her real-life skills and experiences to teach classes on nutrition, cooking, and gardening. Ria is a returned Peace Corps volunteer and worked on international development and plant research in Paraguay...

In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading, and swimming – and her favorite food is sweet potatoes (because they’re so versatile). Ria has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Environmental Plant Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.


Daeja Tillis

Project Assistant/Health Educator

Daeja has a deep passion for public health, and works on programs that address social inequities and food access for underserved and vulnerable communities. At IHS, she teaches food smarts classes, organizes community events, and hosts the free market Friday events. In her spare time, Daeja enjoys taking a variety of fitness classes, roller skating,...

…completing 1,000-piece puzzles, and enjoying fresh sushi. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health (and a minor in Community Action and Social Change) from Dominican University, and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health at Touro University.