Marin Food Policy Council (MFPC)


The Marin Food Policy Council (MFPC) was founded to address issues connected to food production, access, distribution, and nutritional health. The Council works to provide a cooperative framework for action that addresses food policy issues and assists residents in increasing understanding of their food system. 

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Bay Area Nutrition & Physical Activity Collaborative (BANPAC)


The Bay Area Nutrition and Physical Activity Collaborative (BANPAC) is widely respected as a leading organization for improving the health of communities throughout the nine Bay Area Counties. BANPAC’s power comes from the expertise, influence and collective action of over 500 members, representing nearly 250 organizations. BANPAC has spearheaded policies and educational campaigns that ensure residents, especially those living in underserved communities, have access to healthy food and beverages, and safe places to be physically active. Their partnerships and efforts have led to healthy food and beverage policy changes at the organizational and city level and contributed to the passage of soda taxes in Berkeley, San Francisco, Albany and Oakland.

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Bay Area Moves (BAM)

BAM created a Physical Activity initiative designed to help professionals easily access free and low-cost training curriculums, websites, and other resources to promote and increase physical activity opportunities for children, youth, families, adults and older adults throughout the day.

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Waste Not Napa

Waste Not Napa started small as a Leadership Napa Valley practicum project. We have evolved into a grassroots group of community leaders with representation from the local business community, non-profit organizations, our faith-based community, and governmental departments. Our weekly meetings have built the framework for a comprehensive food recovery and food access program for the Napa Valley.

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