What We Do

What We Do

IHS helps to improve the health and wellness for thousands of families in underserved and vulnerable communities.

We do this through providing training, technical assistance, partnership development, coalition building, fund/grant management, research and evaluation in all communities throughout the Bay Area. 

  • Coalition building
    • Innovative Health Solutions (IHS) builds strong coalitions and networks bringing together multi sector stakeholders to collaboratively create comprehensive and holistic approaches to public health. IHS has supported 100+ partners and created successful coalitions and networks to advance various local and national public health goals, including: food access and equitable healthy communities.
  • Program management
    • IHS strong consulting expertise in program management from fund and program development to program evaluation has proven to be the premier catalyst for sustainable health solutions. Over 3000 community members have benefitted from our programs.
  • Other activities
    • We innovate, inspire, and implement (best-practices).
    • We’re creating the infrastructure to connect partners and to break down silos. No one else in our industry is doing this.
    • We tap into existing public health/medical systems, programs, and initiatives.
    • Introduced trauma-informed, bias-informed initiatives/programs in tandem with the tools and resources to engage for change.
    • We advocate for changes in policies, systems, and environments.
    • We create equitable programs and policies with long-term impact.
    • Community equity and empowerment. Advocating for under-served and under-privileged.