Resource of the Week with SolanoConnex: Mental Health, Service Access, and You

4-WEEK MINI-SERIES WITH DR. Norma Rodriguez de Lisenko on Her Journey Through Depression


In recognition of May as Mental Health Awareness Month, our very own CEO has partnered with Touro University California SolanoConnex (YouTube @solanoconnexproject8593) and Alliados Health to create a 4-week mini-series video/podcast to share my life journey through depression. 

MAY 4TH | My Childhood Experience with Depression

MAY 11TH | Coping with Prenatal/Postpartum Depression

MAY 18TH | Addiction & Substance Use Due to Depression

MAY 25TH | Recovery & Moving Forward

About Our Guest: Norma is a mother of three with first-hand experience of the positive impact healthy changes can have on one’s life. She’s also a vocal advocate for healthy eating and daily physical activity.

As a lifelong nutrition advocate, Norma assists with various California Champions for Change projects in the Solano and Napa area. Norma shares her experience and insight with her local community and encourages them to make changes as a family.

Norma’s passion for helping others establish healthy habits began several years ago when she found herself struggling with bouts of depression. Through counseling, she was able to identify that her unhealthy lifestyle was one of the triggers for her depression. She faced her challenge head-on and started making changes.

Inspired by her own transformation, Norma started her own non-profit, called Healthy Cooking with Kids (formally rebranded as Innovative Health Solutions in 2019). They teach cooking skills to children and encourage families to make cooking fun by doing it together. Healthy Cooking with Kids works with local health departments and school parent-teacher associations to develop nutrition education information. For more information visit

“Take care of yourself, and then everyone else—you cannot give or be the best if you don’t tend to your own wellness first.”

Weekly Episdoes Released on YouTube: solanoconnexproject8593 

Let’s together end the stigma and normalize the conversation about depression and other mental illnesses!