Solano Master Plan for Aging (MPA)

Charting Lifelong Livability:

Together, We're Creating a Community for All Ages and Stages


Solano County, in collaboration with Napa/Solano Area on Aging and Innovative Health Solutions (IHS), unveils the Solano Master Plan for Aging (MPA), a strategic initiative to address the evolving needs of the growing population of older and disabled adults in Solano County. The plan is shaped with active input from community leaders and professionals to ensure a targeted, impactful approach.

The MPA is a proactive response to the observable diversification and accelerated growth of the older adult population in Solano County and the State of California. In the next decade, the number of older adults in Solano County is expected to double, representing 20% of the county's population. The plan outlines evidence-based approaches and five strategic plan goals to address this demographic shift and its unique challenges.


Five Bold Goals



Housing for All Ages and Stages: We will live where we choose as we age in communities that are age-, disability-, and dementia-friendly and climate- and disaster-ready.


Target: Millions of New Housing Options to Age Well.


Health Reimagined: We will have access to the services we need to live at home in our communities and to optimize our health and quality of life.


Target: Close the Equity Gap in and Increase Life Expectancy.



Inclusion and Equity, Not Isolation.

We will have lifelong opportunities for work, volunteering, engagement, and leadership and will be protected from isolation, discrimination, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.


Target: Keep Increasing Life Satisfaction as We Age.



Caregiving That Works. We will be prepared for and supported through the rewards and challenges of caring for aging loved ones.


Target: One Million High-Quality Caregiving Jobs.



Affording Aging. We will have economic security for as long as we live.


Target: Close the Equity Gap in and Increase Elder Economic Sufficiency.

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